Menlo Park Dentist Explains: Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

Menlo Park Dentist

Our Menlo Park dentist explains the most common dental emergencies. Of course, we’ll also share some first aid tips if it happens to you. The most common dental emergencies are bleeding, soreness, cracked or broken teeth, and severe toothache. It can result from an injury, getting hit on the face, or oral infections.  If you […]

How Do You Know if You Have Cracked Tooth?

How Do You Know if You Have Cracked Tooth

How do you know if you have cracked tooth? No matter how healthy your teeth are, a cracked tooth may happen. Any tooth is susceptible to cracking. It might be visible for some, but It isn’t always the case. Sometimes, our patients feel the pain and sensitivity without knowing that they already have it. So […]

How Do You Get Good Oral Care?

How Do You Get Good Oral Care

How do you get good oral care? Doing it right is crucial to prevent infection, plaque, bleeding gums, mouth sores, and cavities. In addition, good oral care freshens breath and improves appetite. Some people think that brushing once a day is enough to get the best dental care, but there’s more to that. Good oral […]

What are the Vitamins For Teeth and Gums?

Vitamins For Teeth and Gums

Did you know that nutrients you consume might have an impact on your dental health? Vitamins for teeth and gums are essential to maintain your oral health. Fortunately, many of the items are both natural and tasty! Here are some vitamins that will help your teeth and gums be healthier. Calcium Vitamin D Potassium Phosphorus […]

Menlo Park Dentist Shares 5 Common Oral Health Diseases

Menlo Park Dentist

Having oral health issues or dental problems is never fun. Dental problems include bad breath, crooked teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, most frequent oral health problems are easy to prevent, even if you aren’t aware of them. You can help prevent oral health problems by learning about proper oral hygiene and typical challenges […]

Why You Have Pale Gums?

Why You Have Pale Gums

Why you have pale gums? Sometimes, a person could have the best oral hygiene and still get pale gums. Healthy gums should be a consistent shade of pink, and they may appear lighter around the perimeters of your teeth and darker around the sides of your mouth. The gums of one person may be naturally […]

How To Clean And Prevent Plaque In Mouth?

Prevent Plaque In Mouth

They’re tough and can cause dental problems, so how to clean and prevent plaque in mouth? Dental plaque is a soft, sticky coating that accumulates on your teeth. Plaque is a colorless pale yellow biofilm that typically forms on the surface of your teeth over time. Bacteria deposits arise when saliva, food, and fluids contact […]

What Is Cosmetic Surgery For Teeth?

Cosmetic Surgery For Teeth

Cosmetic surgery for teeth or cosmetic dentistry encompasses a variety of treatments performed in the mouth and jaws, such as wisdom tooth removal, commonly the third molars, and corrective jaw surgery. In addition, a conventional dentist or an oral surgery expert can do oral surgery, known as Oral Surgeons or Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dental cosmetic surgery […]

Healthy Foods For Teeth: Healthy Diet For Teeth

Healthy Foods For Teeth

There are many healthy foods for teeth, but we often ignore them and opt for more indulgent food. You have probably heard somewhere, sometime, that you are what you eat. In this case, that saying is particularly correct for the teeth, gums, and the entire oral cavity. However, it is pretty challenging to know what […]

What Are The Signs Of Tooth Decay?

Signs Of Tooth Decay

What are the signs of tooth decay? Oral health is key to a healthier life. It prevents tooth decay and cavity build-up. But what if you failed to take care of your teeth health? What if it is too late because you already have tooth decay without even noticing it? Can you know the symptoms […]