Menlo Park Dentist Shares 5 Common Oral Health Diseases

Menlo Park Dentist

Having oral health issues or dental problems is never fun. Dental problems include bad breath, crooked teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, most frequent oral health problems are easy to prevent, even if you aren’t aware of them. You can help prevent oral health problems by learning about proper oral hygiene and typical challenges […]

Why You Have Pale Gums?

Why You Have Pale Gums

Why you have pale gums? Sometimes, a person could have the best oral hygiene and still get pale gums. Healthy gums should be a consistent shade of pink, and they may appear lighter around the perimeters of your teeth and darker around the sides of your mouth. The gums of one person may be naturally […]

Healthy Foods For Teeth: Healthy Diet For Teeth

Healthy Foods For Teeth

There are many healthy foods for teeth, but we often ignore them and opt for more indulgent food. You have probably heard somewhere, sometime, that you are what you eat. In this case, that saying is particularly correct for the teeth, gums, and the entire oral cavity. However, it is pretty challenging to know what […]