Healthy foods for Gums: 5 Foods That You Should Eat?

healthy foods for gums

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Are there healthy foods for gums that you need to add in your diet? The food that you put inside your body also affects your dental health. It doesn’t only include teeth, but also your gums. These are the tissues that surround and protect our teeth. So, you must take good care of it. How? Start with eating these healthy foods for gums.

When it comes to choosing the best food for caring for your gums, here are some options that you can consider.

  1. Foods that are high in fiber
  2. Dairy products
  3. Green and black teas
  4. Sugarless chewing gum
  5. Foods with fluoride

If you want to know more about the foods that will keep your gums healthy, then keep on reading. We will also give you some worst foods that are not good for your gums. Are you ready? Let’s start digging in.

Healthy foods for Gums: 8 Foods That You Should Eat?

The art of keeping one’s mouth clean and clear of diseases and other issues such as bad breath is known as oral hygiene. It is just a part of proper oral hygiene practice to look after your teeth’ protection to avoid tooth decay and not the entire thing. It is only necessary to take care of the gums, which are the soft tissue lining of the mouth, to ensure you are taking proper care of your oral health.

Gums are fragile and need a great deal of treatment and nurturing. Not supplying the gums with the treatment they need will lead to different complications, such as gingivitis, where the gums swell up. Here are some foods that can help you get gums that are safe and solid.

High Fiber Foods

Choose to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Fiber food helps keep your teeth and gums clean, the American Dental Association reports (ADA). They get saliva running as well. It is the best natural protection against cavities and gum disease, alongside proper home dental hygiene.

Your saliva continues to reduce the effects of acids and enzymes damaging your teeth about 20 minutes after you eat food containing sugars or starches. Saliva contains calcium and phosphate residues. So it also returns nutrients from the bacterial acids to regions of teeth that have damaged them.

Dairy Products

Moderate consumption of dairy products like cheese, milk, and plain yogurt also keeps the gums healthy. Cheese is another creator of saliva. Instead of other ingredients, the calcium in cheese and the calcium and phosphates in milk and other dairy products help bring back nutrients that your teeth may have missed. They also aid with reconstructing tooth enamel.

Green and Black Teas

Both green and black teas contain polyphenols that interact with plaque bacteria. These substances either kill or hold back bacteria. It prevents bacteria from growing or making acid that attacks teeth. Depending on the type of water you use to brew your tea, a cup of tea can also be a fluoride source. If you are not a coffee person, maybe it’s time to try green and black teas.

Sugarless Chewing Gum

Can’t go out of a home without chewing gum? Then, make sure to pick a sugarless one. Chewing gums are excellent in producing saliva. So, it helps in removing food particles from your mouth. But some chewing gums have high sugar content, which can harm both your teeth and gums.

Foods with Fluoride

Your teeth are improved by fluoridated drinking water or any food you produce with fluoride. It entails powdered juices and dehydrated soups for as long as they do not contain much sugar. Fluoride may also be given to commercially processed foods, such as poultry products, fish, and powdered cereals.

What Are The Worst Foods For Your Gums?

If there are foods that can make your gums healthy, there are some that can harm them. So, as much as possible, refrain from these foods we’re about to share with you. If you want to have healthy gums, then avoid including these foods on your shopping list.


Sticky Candies and Sweets

If you eat candy, quickly go for some that clear your throat. For lollipops, caramels, and cough drops that contain refined sugar, thumbs down. Chocolate’s effect on cavity prevention has been widely promoted (primarily by studies funded by the candy industry). It has not been fully confirmed.

The ADA notes, however, that chocolate washes off the teeth quicker than most candies. There are some nutritional benefits from dark chocolate (70 percent cacao). Any study has found that chocolate is not as unpleasant as other tasty sweets.

Starchy Foods

Avoid starchy foods in your mouth that can get trapped. For example, soft bread and potato chips will get stuck between your teeth. Some people can’t have a day without consuming starchy foods. But do your gums a favor, and limit your consumption. If you do, make sure to brush your teeth and clean your gums properly.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

The leading source of added sugar for children and teenagers is these beverages. They’re sugar-loaded. And there are phosphoric and citric acids in most soft drinks that strip away tooth enamel.

Substances That Dry Out Your Mouth

It involves beer and many medications. Speak to your dental care professional about getting a fluoride scrub or a fluoride gel to clean your teeth if prescriptions are the cause.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Dental Health?

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, nearly 75 percent of Americans have gum disease but do not recognize it. Gum disease may occur at any age, but after 35, dental practitioners agree there is a greater risk. Medical experts suggest that the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease and respiratory infections could be more significant for people with gum disease and other dental problems.

So, taking care of your dental health is essential if you want to avoid having these risks. Aside from regular dental hygiene, make sure to visit your dentist. Regular cleaning by professional dentists is better to prevent plaque build-up that you can’t remove by simply brushing your teeth.


Take care of your gums and teeth to avoid further complications. Your mouth is the entryway of all toxic that comes into your body. So please, keep it clean and healthy. If you need friendly and professional dentists in Menlo Park, Marisa Walker DDS is just one call away. Call us now at 650-328-2072 for any inquiries or book your appointment online

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