Heroin Addiction Treatment

United Recovery Project offers unsurpassed  heroin addiction treatment in Hollywood, Florida, with a skilled and experienced clinical team. We create customized recovery blueprints for each patient in recovery and help them beat addiction using an integrated treatment approach.

Do I need heroin addiction treatment?

Heroin users can quickly develop an addiction to the drug due to its physical and psychological addictive qualities. Some of the most relevant signs of heroin addiction include:

  1. Using the drug more than intended
  2. Continuing heroin use despite its negative consequences.
  3. Having a persistent desire to cut down or control heroin use but unable to do so.
  4. Spending a lot of time obtaining and using heroin or recovering from its effects.
  5. Experiencing cravings or heroin withdrawal symptoms whenever you try to quit the drug.

You should seek professional help for heroin dependence in case of displaying any of these symptoms. The sooner you recognize your substance abuse disorder and attend rehab treatment, the higher the chances of getting clean in a safe, pain-free, and sustainable manner.

Top reasons to seek help for heroin addiction

Heroin is among the most dangerous drugs due to its highly addictive potential with several short and long-term effects. The drug comes with several indirect and life-threatening risks. Individuals who use the drug intravenous are at a high risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis, or other viruses. Not to mention, those who share their needles with peers are also at risk of contracting blood-borne viruses.

Heroin use also causes risky sexual behavior in users and spontaneous abortion in women. Several studies state that a large share of heroin users have lost their lives to suicide. Some people also use heroin in large doses intentionally to end their lives. Heroin abusers with dual diagnosis disorder have a compounded risk of suicide. If you struggle with heroin use disorder, it is pivotal to contact a rehab specializing in the treatment for drug addictions at the earliest.

Do I need professional treatment for heroin addiction? Can I quit Heroin by myself?

If you wonder if you should sign up for heroin withdrawal treatment, you must have an addiction problem. Instead of denying your behavioral disorder, seek help for your addiction to achieve a safe and speedy recovery and improved mental wellness.

There is no shame in seeking help for substance abuse. Speak to an addiction specialist to help you understand the benefits of attending rehab treatment.

What are some of the heroin withdrawal symptoms?

Heroin withdrawal symptoms resemble a horrible case of flu and involve severe pain and discomfort. It usually begins within 8 -12 hours of your last heroin dose and lasts for up to a week. Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating and muscle aches

While change can be frightening, signing up for heroin addiction treatment can help you regain control over your career and relationships and allow you to lead a healthy and sober lifestyle. Call us at 954-429-5026 to verify your insurance with United Recovery Project. We are a top-rated heroin rehab with state-of-the-art amenities, luxury accommodations, and hundreds of positive reviews. Contact us today.

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