Channel Islands Rehab offers unsurpassed IOP addiction treatment in Oxnard in an acclaimed rehab facility with proven therapies and wellness programs. Following a customized treatment approach in helping recovering addicts recover from their substance abuse disorder has made us the #1 rehab center for addiction treatment in Oxnard.

What Are The Difference Between IOP And Outpatient Treatment?

IOP addiction treatment offers an in-depth level of care and support alongside the freedom of living in your home during recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment is ideal for those suffering from a moderate level of addiction. It is more affordable than inpatient treatment and has the second-highest success rates after residential addiction rehabilitation programs. IOP programs allow you to heal and recover from addiction with the love and support of your family members and maintain work-related responsibilities.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment for substance abuse engages you in treatment 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Outpatient treatment can last for 3 – 12 months or more, depending on your progress in recovery. Outpatient therapy typically includes counseling, group therapy, psychotherapy programs, and support group meetings. It offers the lowest level of care, making it ideal for those suffering from a mild addiction disorder.

Role Of Biofeedback Therapy In Recovery

Biofeedback is a psychotherapy that helps individuals battling substance use disorder regain control over their mind, body, and soul. A therapist will place electronic sensors on your skin and wire them to a medical device during a biofeedback session. Your therapist will provide professional feedback based on your bio signs.

Biofeedback helps recovering addicts learn essential relaxation exercises and enables them to react rationally to stressful situations, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings. Biofeedback therapy is a great way to understand your body’s involuntary functions and manage distress in a calm and controlled manner. This therapy tracks your body’s reactions to physical and emotional tension and helps you safely overcome addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Following biofeedback therapy, we engage our clients in exercises like mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, etc. We also use neurofeedback therapy to calm an overexcited brain. As long-term drug use and alcohol consumption disrupt brain wave patterns, neurofeedback helps restore brain waves to their pre-addiction state.

Why Choose Us For Intensive Drug And Alcohol Treatment?     

We offer the best intensive outpatient program in Oxnard with evidence-based and humanistic therapies. We are among the best rehab facilities for IOP treatment because:

  • We create personalized recovery blueprints for each patient in recovery after a comprehensive review of their physical, mental, and behavioral health.
  • We try to understand the underlying mental health issues and find out what triggered substance abuse in the first place. Our integrated treatment approach helps recovering addicts heal and recover from dual diagnosis and stay sober in the long term.
  • Our rehab uses innovative and proven therapies to treat addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Besides, we also have the best medical team to help our clients beat addiction and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Call 800-675-7963 to embark on a liberating journey towards sobriety and enhanced mental wellness. Our IOP addiction treatment in Oxnard is practical and highly rewarding and helps our clients learn essential survival skills for lasting success with sobriety. Channel Islands Rehab accepts most insurance providers. Get in touch with us to verify your insurance.

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